Silver Rounds Guide Added to PMBull Silver Bullion

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Morgan Silver RoundMany PMBull visitors have made use of our silver bullion guide, where we discuss finding the best silver bullion at the best price, from top online dealers. The guide addresses basic coins, rounds and bars. PMBull also lists top daily silver dealer offers on its spot silver page. There, we try to present the best priced dealer offers on the more popular coins, rounds and bars.

Many PM stackers enjoy collecting silver rounds in addition to accumulating pure silver as an inflation hedge, or as insurance for an economic collapse, so we have decided to provide links to some of the better designs and mints in a standalone silver rounds guide. This section is linked from our primary physical silver bullion guide.

In addition to listing some of the better designs and popular mints, we discuss the differences between collecting rounds and investing in silver coins or bars. We also present good dealers for finding new silver rounds for your collection.

The number of silver rounds presented in this guide is currently limited, and may vary from day-to-day, as we find new selections that we think are worthy of consideration. We will be adding more mints and designs soon.

If you haven’t yet looked at PMBull’s guide to Silver Bullion, please do so, and check out the new Silver Rounds Guide while you are at it.