Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds

This Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds overview includes a detailed description, buying tips, best price dealers, reviews, mint information and a video that shows off the beautiful shine in this ever popular silver bullion product.

Image Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds: “The Other Silver Eagle”
Sunshine Silver Round Sunshine Minting silver rounds are one of the most popular silver rounds on the market due to their quality and beauty. Further, Sunshine has taken measures to prevent counterfeit silver rounds with new technology that makes use of a specialized decoding lens. The lens reveals a Sunshine Mint logo and the word “valid” when placed over the center of the round. This mint (Mint Web Site: Sunshine Minting, Inc.) is known to provide some of the highest quality silver bullion and supplies blanks to sovereign mints around the world for the production of official government issued silver coins.

The obverse of the new Version 2 (depicted here) silver round is essentially Sunshine Minting’s logo, with a beautifully sculpted eagle in flight, partially obscuring the sun. The sun’s rays radiate outwards toward the perimeter, with “Sunshine Minting” inscribed across the top and bottom. The reverse features the security seal in the center, which doubles again as the sun, while sun rays radiate outwards. Around the perimeter of the round, Sunshine has included the requisite “1 Troy Ounce” and “.999 Fine Silver” inscriptions. Sunshine Minting silver rounds feature reeded edges.Image Credit: JM Bullion

Buying Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds

Here are some helpful notes when buying silver rounds produced by Sunshine Minting:

Availability and Buying Tips
Many dealers carry silver rounds from Sunshine Mint. Older versions of these rounds can be found in the secondary market, so make sure the version you buy is specified clearly.

Buying Tips: Buy V2 Sunshine Mint rounds brand new for the anti-counterfeit feature. They are priced similar to generic silver rounds. Buy in tubes of 20 to insure the best price and condition.

Sunshine Mint Silver Round Dealers
If you want brand new silver rounds at the best possible price, take a look at this dealer, who guarantees it and provides free shipping:

This link will take you straight to this top silver bullion dealer’s Silver Rounds page, allowing you to see more pictures and detail, while comparing price to alternative silver rounds.

Sunshine Mint Silver Round Video Overview

This video demonstrates the mirror-like finish that accompanies these rounds, as we capture light from multiple angles. We have also attempted to demonstrate the holographic anti-counterfeit seal that Sunshine Minting places in the center of the obverse. The detail on the Eagle did not come out as well as we had hoped in this video (the silver round we recorded was not brand new at the time), but pictures at the dealer site linked above should help you see the beauty and quality.

Reviews: Sunshine Minting 1 Oz Silver Round

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