OPM Silver Rounds: Best Price Generics at Top Dealers

OPM Silver Rounds are generally the best price generic rounds on the market. Here is dealer and pricing detail with reviews and video.

Image OPM Silver Rounds: Description and Design
OPM Silver Round

Generic, mint-branded silver rounds like these, produced by OPM, may be the best way to acquire the most 1 Oz silver at the lowest possible cost. OPM Metals (Refiner Web Site: OPM Metals) is a refiner for Good Delivery gold and silver that produces precious metal products from recovered, recyclable metals, while focusing on socially and environmentally responsible refining practices. OPM’s products are IRA qualified, which is a testament to the quality of their finished products.

Engraved on the obverse of these rounds is the OPM logo, with the required “One Troy Ounce” weight and “.999 Fine Silver” purity. Engravings on the reverse include “OPM Metals” and “Made in the USA” around the perimeter, with a nice repeating OPM Logo pattern throughout the middle portion of the round. These particular rounds are produced with a nice, shiny lustre to them. The rounds can be bought individually, or in square plastic tubes of 20 rounds. Image Credit: Provident

Buying OPM Silver Rounds: Prices and Tips

If looking to buy OPM Silver Rounds, these tips, dealer suggestions and mint notes may be helpful.

Mint Notes and Buying Tips
OPM Rounds are produced by OPM Metals. OPM stands for Ohio Precious Metals, so these rounds are made in the U.S.A. They are qualified for inclusion in an IRA.

Buying Tips: OPM Rounds are among the lowest cost silver rounds available today and offered at many dealers. One dealer offers the lowest possible price in tubes of 20. A single round should still be bought for less than $1.00 over spot, barring general physical market spikes in premiums as a function of shortages.

Who Has the Cheapest OPM Rounds
Many online dealers carry OPM. The best prices can be found at the largest, trusted online silver dealers. Here are two dealers that generally carry the best prices:

One of the two above dealers will generally be the most competitive, depending on the specific quantity of rounds you are ordering. The specific dealer with the lowest price to the penny, with shipping included, can flip back and forth a bit, depending on each respective dealer’s inventory and their willingness to drop margins.

Quick Video Showing Off Some OPM Silver Rounds

Pictures never do silver justice, so this video features brilliant OPM Rounds catching light from multiple angles and shows off OPM quality.

OPM Rounds get you more silver for your dollar. As a bargain round, it is difficult to make it overwhelmingly exciting, but they do have a nice, clean appearance and a brilliant lustre. What might be most exciting is that you get more of them for your budget. Silver is silver, and these rounds do shine like true, quality silver bullion. You can buy these rounds at the best prices on the web at either Provident Metals – OR – JM Bullion.

OPM Silver Round Reviews

If you have some of these rounds from OPM, or if you have an opinion on buying OPM silver rounds in general, we’d like to see your comments. Provide us with a quick rating, then weigh in with a few sentences or paragraphs. You do not need to register and your email address will not be shared.

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by Shawn on Blank Product Name
Bargain Prices

Hello everyone,

My thoughts I have from talking with people that buy / stack silver and or gold. I feel it is best to buy straight silver bullion. I want as much silver as possible without the high premium over spot. I feel that as long as it has this on the rounds it does NOT matter who's making the rounds. I feel it should have; .999 Fine Silver, 1 oz Silver. I thinking buying from a dealer, someone you know and or a good company like OPM.

I do have rounds from OPM, that I purchased from a dealer I have been dealing with for sometime now. I only paid 1.50 over spot. I think it's not bad / good deal. I do know dealers that charge 2 dollars and more over spot and I do NOT buy from them. That is why I am at this time looking at OPM and or other dealers that charge less than 1.50 over spot. I want the most silver I can get for my fiat currency. lol. I have always been about "REAL" wealth. If you have any thoughts please let me know.

On Black Friday, Dealer 1 in the link above was featuring OPM Silver Rounds for just $0.49 over spot in any quantity! That deal has ended now and in lower quantities, Dealer 2 above is currently lower priced. It is sure to change based on each respective dealers' inventory, so be sure to check both, and check the prices at the quantities you intend to buy. Silver rounds have gotten a bit more pricey lately, but they are still at a lower cost than 1 oz bars.

If looking for the most silver for your buck, you might consider checking out the dealers linked above and looking at their 10 oz silver bullion bars. Provident bars are made by OPM. Check them out here: http://www.pmbull.com/silver-bullion/ , You can also buy OPM branded bars at dealer 2 above, or 10 oz bars from NTR and Sunshine Mint, at Dealer 2 above, but at the present time, Provident branded bars are the lowest cost for less than 500 total ozs.

by PMBull on Blank Product Name
Nice, Basic, Generic Rounds at Bargain Prices

It is hard to say much about these rounds from OPM. They are basic, generic silver at a good price. We will start them off with 5 stars, like all our favored silver product listings. Here is a good question to prompt more reviews: Does it make more sense to buy a mint-branded silver round like these OPM rounds, or a non-branded round like the classic Buffalo Design? The latter looks more interesting, but at the same time, provides no evidence as to where it was produced. What is your preference? Your rating should apply to your impression of these OPM rounds. Your comments can include your opinion on what makes sense for a silver stacker.

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