Morgan Design Silver Rounds

If looking for Morgan Design Silver Rounds, as opposed to actual Morgan Dollars, this review provides top dealer pricing information, videos and buying tips.

Image Morgan Dollar Silver Rounds: Description and Design
Morgan Dollar Silver Round A popular type of silver round is that which pays homage to famous U.S. coins, exemplified by this Morgan. Not to be confused with the U.S. Morgan Dollar (Wikipedia: Morgan Dollar) minted 1878-1904 and 1921, these modern replica rounds were never legal tender. Of course, the Morgan is a popular collectible itself, but this round will help grow a collection honoring classic coins. Designs can vary between mints. The obverse for this version is designed like a dateless Morgan Dollar, with a Lady Liberty head and “E Pluribus Unum” inscribed on top. Stars complete the circle. The reverse includes an Eagle holding arrows and an olive branch and “The United States of America.” In place of “In God We Trust” and “One Dollar” are weight (1 Troy Ounce) and purity (.999 Fine Silver). Image Credit: Provident

Buying Morgan Silver Rounds: Top Dealers and Prices

Those wishing to purchase Morgan Dollar Design Rounds may find the following dealer, mint and buying tips helpful.

Mint Notes and Buying Tips
The Morgan Round pictured on this page, produced by the Highland Mint, have no date. Variations for Morgan rounds exist. For example, those at Dealer 2 are dated 2013.

Buying Tips: There is little reason to pay an excessive premium over spot for Morgan Silver Rounds. These should be priced closer to generics, as there is little in the way of numismatic value associated with them.

Price Competitive Dealers with Morgan Rounds
Which dealers carry Morgans at the best prices? Start by checking here:

Morgan Dollar Replica Rounds can be found at these dealers, although they sometimes sell out. Check both as they tend to go back and forth as to which has the best price. Dealer 2 design will be discontinued soon.

Video Showing Off a Brilliant Morgan Silver Round

SilverSanctum’s channel on Youtube includes a nice, HD video that really allows the Morgan Silver Dollar Round shine. Check it out below, then let us know what you think of these rounds in the reviews below. We note that the rounds in this video also do not feature a date, and look like those produced by the Highland Mint, available at Dealer 1 above.

Morgan Silver Round Reviews

Have you bought any rounds designed to look like the Morgan Silver Dollar? Let us know how you like them. If you think buying this type of round is a bad idea, feel free to also let us know. PMBull is interested in the opinions of silver bullion buyers all over the world, so rating and reviewing your preferred coins here will help other collectors or potential buyers. Your email and personal information is not published on the site.

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