Don’t Tread On Me Silver Rounds

The Don’t Tread On Me design is a nice entry in our silver rounds series. This page provides dealer and pricing information along with comments on the producing mints, photos, buying tips and video.

Image Don’t Tread On Me Silver Rounds: Description and Design
Don't Tread on Me Silver Round Many private mints produce silver rounds with a liberty or patriot theme, or rounds that pay homage to the founding fathers, American constitutional ideas or specific events surrounding the founding of the United States. These Don’t Tread On Me Eternal Vigilance rounds are a good example. Offered by the Provident Mint, they are intended to honor Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

The obverse design is reminiscent of the Gadsden Flag – coiled snake with the words “Dont Tread On Me” incribed across the top. On the reverse is a beautifully sculpted bald eagle above a banner proclaiming “Eternal Vigilance” and an inscription stating “The Price of Liberty,” a concept advanced by Thomas Jefferson. These rounds are well produced and comprised of 1 troy ounce .999 silver. – Image Credit: Provident

Don’t Tread On Me Rounds: Mint and Dealer Notes

If you are looking for Don’t Tread On Me Eternal Vigilance Silver Rounds, the following may be helpful.

Mint Notes and Buying Tips
The Don’t Tread On Me Rounds here are produced by the Provident Mint. They can be found at the dealer listed here, or in the secondary market.

Buying Tips: eBay dealers will have them, if you are comfortable buying this way, but little reason to not buy directly from Provident. Buying in tubes of 20, or in greater quantities, will save you $0.50 per ounce.

Don’t Tread On Me Silver Round Dealers
These rounds are produced by Provident Mint and offered online at Provident Metals, linked here:

Check out Provident above for even more rounds produced by the Provident Mint.

Video: Don’t Tread On Me Silver Rounds

This video demonstrates the quality that has been built into these silver rounds. Provident Mint has done a nice job on both the obverse and reverse. As you can see, the detail on both the obverse (Don’t Tread on Me Snake) and reverse (Eternal Vigilance Eagle) is remarkable. This round doesn’t have the mirror-like finish that you might see on some generics like the OPM rounds, but this makes them have a more “substantial” feel to them. These rounds are 1 Oz .999 silver rounds, yet somehow feel heftier. They are thicker, with a smaller diameter than what you will find with some silver coins like the U.S. American Silver Eagle.

Don’t Tread On Me Silver Rounds Reviews

Are there other versions of rounds featuring the “Don’t Tread On Me” theme? Let us know what you have in the reviews below. Leaving a review takes just a few seconds, since you don’t have to register or log in. Any star rating you provide should be related to your direct experience with these rounds, or your perception of them as they might compare to another version of the coiled snake and “Don’t Tread On Me” theme. We are sure there are likely to be some out there. PMBull wants your thoughts and opinions, so please weigh in below. Your email and personal information is not published on the site. Thanks in advance.

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