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Image Buffalo Silver Round – Description and Design
Buffalo Silver Round The ubiquitous Buffalo Silver Round is synonymous with “low cost silver.” It is probably the most popular silver round, due to its exceptionally low price. Virtually all private mints produce them – and all the online dealers have them available – some at bargain prices. Since so many versions are produced, this is more of a category than a specific mint product.

Generally, the design of the Buffalo reflects the American Buffalo Nickel (Wikipedia: Buffalo Nickel). The obverse (front side) features an American Indian Head, with the word Liberty inscribed into the upper right. The reverse, or backside, features an American Bison Buffalo, with a weight and purity stamp at the bottom and top. Variations and fractional sizes are available, but the standard generic version is produced with 1 Troy Ounce of .999 pure silver. Image Credit: JM Bullion

Buying Buffalos: Top Dealers and Prices

If planning to buy some Buffalo Silver Rounds, here are some quick reference notes and suggested online dealers.

Mint Notes and Availability
NTR produces a Buffalo Round with the Indian Head off-set to the side. 5 oz. versions are available. A generic 1 ounce version, produced by Golden State Mint (GSM) is most common at many top dealers.

Buying Tips – Buy generic 1 ounce rounds in tubes of 20. Selling later will be easier. Good dealers will offer free or low flat-rate shipping.

Where to Buy at the Best Price
Which silver dealers have the best price on Buffalo Silver Rounds?

These top-rated online silver dealers have more selection, pictures, reviews and the most competitive prices available.

Buffalo Round Pictures and Videos

Here is a video featuring a 1 Oz. Buffalo Silver Round from Golden State Mint. This should provide a better idea as to what this round looks like than pictures alone. This particular round also comes in a 5 ounce version, and is available at multiple dealers. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this basic Buffalo design in the reviews section below. Also check out the NTR Buffalo Rounds at the first dealer above, as they seem to have been sculpted much better than other mint versions.

Buffalo Silver Round Reviews

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