Silver and Gold: Yukon Cornelius

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Yukon CorneliusWho better to provide advice on physical silver or gold than an infamous Gold Prospector that we have all come to love? Yukon Cornelius brings smiles to our faces. Perhaps this Precious Metal Loving Character from Rudolph is the reason many of us have an affinity for shiny metals ourselves.

Yukon’s advice regarding physical exposure to precious metals, if you currently have little to none? Buy and buy now, in so many words. Given the recent dramatic drop in silver (following a dramatic rise, mind you), he says now is as good of a time as any. Mr. Cornelius also tells us that physical silver is for long-term protection against paper, not for trading. In fact, he bluntly states that if you are going to trade, you should do it with the Silver ETF SLV since as a trader, you don’t need to be concerned with whether or not SLV has actual metal backing the fund. Makes sense to us.

Get more Silver and Gold plain talk and find out what Mr. Cornelius’ current outlook is at… Sorry, the blog to which this post refers has been removed. Say it isn’t so Yukon! And it’s even Christmastime.