Popular Low Cost Silver Rounds: Two Good Options

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We’ve added additional silver round pages to our silver bullion guide, where you can find the best prices on a variety of silver bullion coins, rounds and bars. We’ve included the videos for these rounds below, but encourage you to click-through to the full review pages for more information on them.

OPM Silver Rounds: More Bullion Per Buck!

The next video features OPM Silver Rounds, which are a great choice for those seeking the lowest cost option, but do not wish to sacrifice quality. OPM is the largest precious metals refiner in the U.S. and produces a wide variety of gold and silver bullion.

January 03, 2015 Update – These OPM silver rounds are currently available for $0.79 over spot in any quantity at a top dealer. They’ve been incredibly popular due to the quality of the mint that produces them, and the unbeatable price. – More Low Cost Silver Rounds

Get more information on OPM Silver Rounds, including buying tips, best price dealers and reviews, on the OPM Silver Rounds page.

Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds: Security in a Seal!

This video shows off the high quality Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds, which feature anti-counterfeiting technology. Sunshine is one of the most respected and well recognized mints in the world, producing some of the highest quality silver rounds on the market. The amazing thing is that these rounds, brand new and complete with the anti-counterfeit seal, are still priced lower than many generic rounds selling in the secondary market or on auction sites.

January 03, 2014 Update – These Sunshine Minting rounds are available at a top online silver dealer for as low as $0.99 over spot. This dealer offers free shipping on all orders, which is a nice incentive, especially for low volume purchases. – More Low Cost Silver Rounds

For buying tips, best price dealers and reviews, see the Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds page.