Nikkei 225 Index Chart: Live Real Time Charts

This live Nikkei 225 Index chart provides real-time updates for the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, comprised of 225 Japanese companies trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. These live Nikkei charts are displayed in multiple time-frames with 10-second to weekly candles during Tokyo trading.

The Nikkei 225 Average charts on PMBull are derived from CFD statistics and provided by 3rd parties. The charts reflect real-time Nikkei Average quotations. These charts may be altered to include Moving Average, Relative Strength Index (RSI), MACD or other technical indicators, in place of volume. They can also be change to a different type of chart to suit your needs. Additional types include line charts and point and figure charts. Just hover over any chart and click the options button. You may also alter the number of candles displayed, or quickly change any chart to a different time-frame.

Nikkei Index Charts on PMBull

Nikkei Index charts are presented on PMBull for informational and discussion purposes. The charts are a reasonable indication of current Nikkei levels in each given time-frame, but their actual timeliness and accuracy cannot be guaranteed by PMBull, who will not be held responsible for an price quotes on this site.

Nothing on PMBull should be considered a live quote for trading purposes, nor should any price or quote on PMBull be considered an offer to buy or sell any security or derivative in any market. You should always consult with a broker or financial professional before trading. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy our site.

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