NAV / USD: Nav Coin Chart in U.S. Dollars

This Nav Coin chart shows NAV priced in US Dollars through a feed from Bittrex, an exchange where Nav Coin can be bought and sold.

Nav Coin is a cryptocurrency based off Bitcoin, offering the benefits of Bitcoin plus added benefits including faster transactions, a 5% return on your NAV holdings (when “staked” in your wallet) and optional private payments for anonymous transactions. NAV uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm to secure the network (versus Proof of Work like Bitcoin), reducing the need for huge servers to mine NAV.

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Navcoin may be somewhat overlooked at the moment, not having initially secured funding through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It has existed for three years. This could be an actual benefit as ICOs are coming under increasing scrutiny by investors, governments and regulatory agencies. The team behind the project is incredibly transparent – releasing updates once weekly. The current market cap is well below similar coins with privacy features that have recently been launched. To learn more about Nav Coin see Nav Coin on Reddit or the Nav Coin website here.

How Nav Coin differs from Bitcoin:

  • Low market cap relative to similar coins that have less history and a smaller development pipeline.
  • Nav Coin transactions are faster (30 seconds versus 10+ mins).
  • Nav Coin transactions have an exceptionally low cost (only 0.0001 NAV).
  • Nav Coin offers uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) wallet, so huge servers are not necessary to run it. This also keeps mining more decentralized and users can earn a 5% return on their NAV in the form of additional NAV rewards.
  • Nav Coin has anonymity features. Fully anonymous transactions using an RSA algorithm for privacy are an key differentiating feature.
  • The development team for Nav is very active and sends out updates weekly.
  • The community has activated SegWit, which means the ability to use Lightning Network. This can result in instant and private transactions.
  • Nav Coin has been around for three years.
  • There are projects in the pipeline that will make NAV more than just a currency, including the ability to create anonymous distributed apps.
  • There is a rapidly growing NAV Community on Reddit.

Some Thoughts on Nav Coin: Nav Coin Review

September 11th, 2017, 11:50 AM EST – Nav Coin seems to have been somewhat overlooked, yet there appears to be huge upside potential. There is less hype, the coin is undervalued (relative to other alternative crypto coins) and the community behind it seems to have a more focused maturity than other hot alternative coins. Like all cryptos, Nav Coin should be considered highly speculative with a host of risks and caveats. As the community grows, it is possible for traders, schemers and pump and dump players to enter the Nave Coin community.

Technically, NAV recently skyrocketed to $1.00 from the pennies, hesitated, then shot to $2.00 at the end of August and beginning of September. It is now on the radar of traders. Since that big climb, it has been in a pull-back / consolidation phase (assisted by the speculation that China would shut down cryto exchanges in the last few days) and has approached the $1.00 mark (a nice psychological round number and technical breakout level). This could be a possible target buy price area for many traders. Should this speculative buy price target converge with positive news in one of the development team’s weekly updates (on Wednesdays), we could be seeing a another sudden surge. Of course then would occur right after short-term momentum players have fully abandoned their first entry – at a loss.

In crypto, anything is possible. Risks notwithstanding however, the project’s transparency, lack of an over-hyped ICO and what appears to be a focus on the tech and it’s potential applications, rather than the current price, makes this coin an interesting proposition. Can the team ultimately come out on top after the scammy, no real project, pump and dump coins are long in the rear-view mirror? This remains to be seen. See the Reddit Group referenced above to learn more.

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