More Bullion Content Added: Buffalo Silver Rounds Page

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Buffalo Silver RoundAs part of our ongoing expansion of content in PMBull’s Physical Bullion guides, a new page dedicated to Buffalo Silver Rounds has been released. On this page, you will be able to view pictures, descriptions, reviews, mint notes, buying tips and recommended dealers.

As one of the most popular rounds, the Buffalo is the first in a series that will be addressed in more detail on PMBull, through our Physical Silver Bullion pages. PMBull visitors will be able to provide their own reviews, including video, as well as tips for buying, mint notes and images.

Visit PMBull’s Silver Bullion guide for tips on finding the best price dealers, or see our recently released Silver Rounds section, where we list some of the most popular dealer offers today. We will continue to provide more review pages for each individual silver product and note them here.

As always, you will still be able to view live, 24-hour Spot Silver and Spot Gold prices on each of their respective pages, where the most popular physical bullion products are listed, along with news and commentary on the precious metals markets.

We hope you like the information we provide and if you do, please drop us a note at our contact page, linked in the footer of this page. Stay tuned, as PMBull will continue to add more content and information on Gold and Silver markets and products.