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This is a feed of recent posts and news articles from ZeroHedge. ZeroHedge is “Anti-Keynesian” in scope, With an often hilarious snarkiness, ZeroHedge provides a not-so mainstream perspective on Wall Street, finance and the global economic condition through a prolific output of detailed, thoughtful and timely commentary. Articles are posted by the pseudonym Tyler Durden, from the movie “Fight Club.” Discussion is robust and not for the faint of heart.

Interestingly, and this observation isn’t supported by any analysis, just cursory glance type observation, the number of gold and silver articles seem to have declined in late-2014 / early 2015. When they do appear, there are more hostile responses in the comments section, rather than the endless littany of purely positive comments. Given that bullish gold / silver news seemed to dominate ZH a few years back, perhaps the current state can serve as a contrarian indicator that metals will continue to scream higher in 2015. Hit us up through the Contact Link in the footer if you think this observation is off-base.

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  • Escobar: The Deep State Vs. WikiLeaks - Apr 21, 2019
    Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Strategic Culture Foundation, The Made-by-FBI indictment of Julian Assange does look like a dead man walking. No evidence. No documents. No surefire testimony. Just a crossfire of conditionals... But never underestimate the legalese contortionism of US government (USG) functionaries. As much as Assange may not be characterized as a journalist and publisher, the thrust of the affidavit is to accuse him of conspiring to commit espionage. In fact the charge is not even that Assange hacked a USG computer and obtained classified information; it’s th [...]
  • Racist, Sexist "Diversity Disaster" Looming In AI Thanks To White Male Programmers - Apr 21, 2019
    Sorry white males, you've done it again.  According to new research by New York University's AI Now Institute, we may be in for a future of racist, mansplaining, sexist AIs which are "at risk of replicating or perpetuating historical biases and power imbalances," reports  The Guardian .  Examples cited include image recognition services making offensive classifications of minorities, chatbots adopting hate speech, and Amazon technology failing to recognize users with darker skin colors. The biases of systems built [...]
  • Pushing Marijuana Legalization Across The Finish Line - Apr 21, 2019
    Authored by Paul Armentano via, After nearly a century of cannabis criminalization, U.S. voters — and a growing number of high-profile politicians — are demanding that marijuana policy move in a different direction. One in five Americans now live in states where the adult, recreational use of marijuana is legal. And the majority of us reside someplace where the medical use of cannabis is legally authorized. Many of these latter programs have been in place for the better part of two decades. And it’s plain to see the results have been better for public health [...]
  • Beto O'Rourke Campaign Loses Top Adviser And Her Deputy - Apr 21, 2019
    Beto O'Rourke's is down two aides - one of whom was a self-described "central part of" his 2020 campaign for president, according to  BuzzFeed .  According to  BuzzFeed News : A top adviser to Beto O’Rourke, Becky Bond, has split with his campaign, an O’Rourke spokesperson confirmed. Bond, a longtime progressive activist and organizer known for her work on O’Rourke’s 2018 Senate bid against Republican Ted Cruz, left the campaign along with her deputy Zack Malitz. Malitz worked closely with Bond on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ first presi [...]
  • How To Explain Bitcoin To Your Friends & Family - Apr 21, 2019
    Authored by Len Ruggiero via The Burning Platform blog, Introduction:   EVERY new technological development throughout mankind’s recorded history has been met initially with derision, protest, incarceration, torture, death, and sometimes war. From the Catholic Church’s restraint of Galileo, who insisted that Copernicus was correct in his assertion that the sun was the center of the solar system, rather than the Earth as center, as was the position of the church at the time, to the invention of the printing press, which facilitated the French Revolution due to its ability [...]
  • When Disruption Goes Horribly Wrong: MoviePass Loses 90% Of Subscribers - Apr 21, 2019
    For those curious what happens to new normal "disruptors" when they run out of money and can no longer operate at a loss to capture market share (a favorite strategy for Silicon Valley and most "hot" names such as Tesla, Netflix, Uber, and in many ways, Amazon) look no further than MoviePass. The company, which rose to prominence after allowing its members to watch a virtually unlimited number of movies for a very low monthly price, only to see its business model implode after it failed to "scale" and leverage its user base and quickly ran out of cash, has seen a [...]
  • China's Fake Numbers And The Risk They Pose For The Rest Of The World - Apr 21, 2019
    Authored by John Rubino via, Not so long ago, London Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard was one of the handful of must-read financial journalists. He probably still is, but since he disappeared behind the Telegraph’s pay wall his work is invisible to non-subscribers, only emerging when a free outlet runs one of his stories. That happened this morning when the Sydney Morning Herald carried his analysis of the financial Ponzi scheme that is China. After taking on more debt in a single decade than any other country ever — in the process h [...]
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