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This is a feed of recent posts and news articles from ZeroHedge. ZeroHedge is “Anti-Keynesian” in scope, With an often hilarious snarkiness, ZeroHedge provides a not-so mainstream perspective on Wall Street, finance and the global economic condition through a prolific output of detailed, thoughtful and timely commentary. Articles are posted by the pseudonym Tyler Durden, from the movie “Fight Club.” Discussion is robust and not for the faint of heart.

Interestingly, and this observation isn’t supported by any analysis, just cursory glance type observation, the number of gold and silver articles seem to have declined in late-2014 / early 2015. When they do appear, there are more hostile responses in the comments section, rather than the endless littany of purely positive comments. Given that bullish gold / silver news seemed to dominate ZH a few years back, perhaps the current state can serve as a contrarian indicator that metals will continue to scream higher in 2015. Hit us up through the Contact Link in the footer if you think this observation is off-base.

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  • Living On Borrowed Time - Jan 18, 2020
    Living On Borrowed Time Authored by MN Gordon via, Practically the entirety of Congress now believes that the ability to pay should not limit the ability to promise people whatever they want.  There’s no poll of members of Congress to support this assertion.  We base it on what they’ve communicated by real, material actions. Remember, per the Constitution, Congress – and in particular, the House of Representatives – is vested with the “power of the purse.”  They retain the authority to tax and spend public money for the feder [...]
  • Northeast Next Stop For Large-Scale Winter StormĀ  - Jan 18, 2020
    Northeast Next Stop For Large-Scale Winter Storm  The National Weather Service (NWS) warned a powerful winter storm could affect travel for millions of people across the Midwest and Northeast this weekend. A significant winter storm continues to impact areas from the Midwest and Northern Plains to the Ohio Valley. Meanwhile, snow is pushing into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this morning, and will gradually change to sleet and freezing rain across parts of those regions. — National Weather Service (@NWS) January 18, 2020 The storm is so massive, [...]
  • If Promoting Wealth Inequality & Social Breakdown Is Bad, The Fed Is Evil - Jan 18, 2020
    If Promoting Wealth Inequality & Social Breakdown Is Bad, The Fed Is Evil Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The Fed will destroy the nation by widening the wealth/income inequality that is breaking down the nation's social order. President Reagan was widely mocked in America when he declared the Soviet Union an evil empire, but this calling things by their real name had a profound impact in the Eastern Bloc. The mockery stemmed from the secularized American view that there was precious little moral difference between the USSR and the US, that the [...]
  • Air Force Conducts Ground Test Of Hypersonic X-60A Missile - Jan 18, 2020
    Air Force Conducts Ground Test Of Hypersonic X-60A Missile President Trump revealed earlier this month that the US is currently developing hypersonic missiles and touted that the weapons were "big, powerful, lethal, and fast." Trump's mention of hypersonic missiles occurred during his national address last Wednesday as he spoke about escalating tensions with Iran. Key points from Trump's address to the nation: *Backs down from taking military action against Iran *Production of hypersonic missiles underway *More sanctions on Iran *US "no longer needs Middle Eastern oil& [...]
  • Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again - Jan 18, 2020
    Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again Authored by Simon Black via, In August of 1945, the United States became the only country to drop nuclear bombs on an enemy. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were largely destroyed in the blink of an eye. And the Japanese had no choice but to surrender to the Allies, finally ending World War II. Ever since, world superpowers have been rapidly advancing weapons technology, constantly raising the bar for destructive power. It won’t surprise you to find out that the most powerful and destructive weapon in the world, though, by fa [...]
  • 'Leave The Hijab On': Germans Now 'Obsessed' With Refugee Porn - Jan 18, 2020
    'Leave The Hijab On': Germans Now 'Obsessed' With Refugee Porn After the mass migration into Germany of roughly a million refugees over the last several years, Germans have become 'obsessed' with refugee porn, according to The Sun , citing data from adult content platform "xhamster," which reports roughly 800,000 monthly searches for the fetish. In fact, entire film companies are now specializing in refugee smut and so-called 'hijab porn' - in which Middle Eastern porn stars in subjugated roles wear their religious headgear while being sexually [...]
  • Add Salvini's Return To The Growing List Of Europe's Problems - Jan 18, 2020
    Add Salvini's Return To The Growing List Of Europe's Problems Authored by Tom Luongo via The Strategic Culture Foundation, When Matteo Salvini’s Lega won the state elections in Umbria in late October few, if any, noticed. Lega and the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia took at whopping 53% of the vote, with Lega taking 37%. It was this result that should have had everyone in Brussels worried. But since they had just gotten finished patting themselves on the back for maneuvering around Salvini’s attempt to force an election the month before, the news quickly moved to the b [...]
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