Gold & Silver News: King World News Feed

This is a feed of recent articles and interview summaries from the King World News daily blog. King World News features precious metals gurus in daily audio interviews, with a summary of the interviews posted to their blog. KWN is most certainly bullish on gold and silver, so they are a fitting addition to PMBull’s news feeds.

Contributors to the KWN Blog include Rick Rule, John Embry, Richard Russel, James Turk and a host of other gold and silver advocates that consistently trumpet the importance of accumulating gold and silver.

Be forewarned though. KWN headlines can be quite hyperbolic, frightening, full of doom and gloom and seemingly over-the-top in their predictions. Nevertheless, some gems can occasionally be found, buried between the breathless reports about gold or silver’s imminent move higher.

One day, Eric King and his troop of prognosticators will certainly be right, and the gist of the reporting will indeed unfold in one fashion or another. Just don’t try trading off the daily barrage of headlines and interview summaries.

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