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Gold and silver news on PMBull come from mainstream media and blogs specifically focused on precious metals, general finance or economics. Chosen blogs have a frequently updated news and commentary of interest to precious metal traders or investors and do a good job of scanning the blogosphere for relevant news items.

Google “Gold Silver Prices” News Feed – Link

Below you will find both bullish and bearish outlooks for gold and silver, with news and opinion relevant to gold and silver traders as well as long term physical precious metal buyers. You should read with skepticism and dig past the headlines, which often serve as contrarian indicators. Mainstream financial news sources frequently parrot propaganda rather than analyze news and provide timely insight. Journalists often suffer from extreme near-term normalcy bias or the bandwagon effect and will frequently point you in the wrong near-term direction. Remember 2008? Was the mainstream warning you about what was coming? Some good analysis does find its way into the feed below. Just read a lot, consider and understand the sources and be sure to check the other links above for different perspectives. Sources for Gold and Silver news on PMBull are neither endorsed, nor disavowed. They are merely presented for consideration.

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TF Metals Report – A Good Forum – Daily Threads
Hosted by the big yellow hat wearing blog-master Turd Furguson and powered by one of the most robust and entertaining precious metals communities on the Internet, Craig Hemke’s TF Metals Report features a daily thread with commentary and analysis by Craig (aka Turd Furguson), followed by non-stop discussion, technical analysis and news updates for gold and silver throughout the day. If you haven’t read this blog before, you are in for a real treat.
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