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Current Gold Price: Live Spot Gold

Spot Gold Price: USD / Ounce
$1261.15 +2.90 +0.23%

Jan 30, 2015, 1:18 AM EST

The current spot gold price is shown in the box to the right. This live 24-Hour gold chart reflects real-time gold trading around the world. Spot prices reflect the price per ounce of gold.
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No Flash? Need volume bars? See the alternate non-flash gold chart in the sub-menu.

Spot gold is active from Sun 6 PM – Fri 5:15 PM EST, with a 45 minute break at 5:15 PM daily. The live gold chart begins streaming at 6:00 PM EST Sunday evening. Spot and closing prices reflect the midpoint between Bid and Ask. Dollar and percentage changes are calculated off the most recent New York close.

Spot Gold: NY Close View Last 4 Weeks Close Date USD / Ounce $ Change % Change
Image of a chart with closing spot gold prices over 5 days. 01-29-2015 $1258.25 ▼ 25.10 -1.96%
01-28-2015 $1283.35 ▼ 09.25 -0.72%
01-27-2015 $1292.60 ▲ 11.25 +0.88%
01-26-2015 $1281.35 ▼ 12.89 -1.00%
01-23-2015 $1294.24 ▼ 08.02 -0.62%
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Current gold prices are derived from spot gold trading in New York, Europe and Asia and are presented in intervals ranging from individual ticks to monthly candles. Gold traders may use these free, streaming charts to watch action overseas and overnight, before entering a trade. Physical gold buyers will find these charts and closing prices helpful for keeping track of spot gold, which is used to price individual gold bars and coins offered by retail gold dealers.

The mobile option in the menu provides a different candlestick chart that does not require Flash, making it more ideal for tablet and smart phone use. The red banner that appears across the menu goes away when you click it, but you will have to close the window that it opens. It only happens once per session. You may also set your local time zone through the controls in the chart menu. Several technical indicators and chart tools are also available through the menu.

The Kitco Gold Chart is also available in the sub-menu above. This is a unique, 3-day view of gold prices and trading over identical 24-hour periods.

Finally, closing gold prices are provided in the 5-day close chart and table above. Closing prices are based on the New York close at 5:15 PM EST.

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These news feeds, opinion pieces and hand-picked articles present the bullish case for gold from important voices in the blogosphere. You will find gold price predictions, technical and fundamental analysis and other items of interest to the gold investor not often discussed in mainstream financial media outlets.

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