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DukasCopy Chart Disclaimer

The Forex Market Watch free quotes include different financial information. Such data are a result of original and unique methods and technology of information gathering, compilation, analysis and statistical evaluation developed by Dukascopy Bank SA. Therefore, such data reflect the current fair value of the respective financial instruments as independently assessed by Dukascopy Bank SA and NOT the actual stock-exchange values at a given point in time.
If you are looking to obtain actual stock-exchange quotes please contact the respective stock exchange or other entities that provide this information.
The Forex Market Watch data shall not constitute a forecast of the market value of any instruments at any future point either, and is not an investment advise or recomendation in any form.
Anyone using and/or putting free web products ioncluding all or parts of the information taken from the Forex Market Watch shall put a clear note to the public that such data are not meant to indicate the actual stock-exchange value at any given point in time but represent a discretionary assessment by Dukascopy Bank SA only.
The market data assessment system is in constant development and is provided “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE”, “WITH ALL ITS FAULTS” and is offered without any covenants or any express, implied or statutory warranties including (without limitation and qualification) any warranties as to accuracy, functionality, performance, merchantability, quiet enjoyment, system integration, data accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose and any warranties arising from trade usage, course of dealing or course of performance.


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