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thedeathofmoneyIn his newest book, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, Jim Rickards tells us that “only nations and individuals who make provision today will survive the maelstrom to come.”

In his best selling prior release, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, Rickards details a full-blown currency crisis that occurs inside war games held by the Defense Department, where his team won. Rickards was playing the part of China. In that book, Rickards argues that the collapse of the U.S. Dollar is greater than any other economic threat and that a crisis is inevitable.

Rickards continues where he left off with The Death of Money. In this newest book, Rickards prepares readers by encouraging the conversion of fiat currency into real, tangible assets that can better serve as stores of value. These assets include gold, land and even fine art.

Enter to Win an Autographed Copy of The Death of Money

PMBull is so looking forward to this new book from Rickards that we’ve decided to give a copy away. We’ve obtained advanced, autographed copies of this book and one lucky PMBull reader will be chosen to receive one! The autographed copies of The Death of Money should arrive shortly, in advance of the official release, and one copy will be given to a loyal PMBull visitor that enters below.

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There are multiple ways to earn entries in this giveaway, including simple Email registration, Facebook Likes and Tweets, but PMBull is especially interested in hearing your thoughts on the direction of gold and silver prices, so there is a bigger incentive for you to Tweet your thoughts (only once per day), until the contest ends. Feel free to note technical or fundamental views on the current gold or silver price chart. Just be sure that when Tweeting, your comments are different each time and that they reflect your thoughts on prices at the time of your Tweet. Start your quick entry above.

We’ve never done anything like this, and we aren’t the most skilled marketers on the planet by a long shot, so there is a possibility that very few entries will register. Go ahead and enter and you might just win a copy of the book!

On the day of The Death of Money’s official release, April 8th, a winner will be announced within the entry application above.

Where Else Can The Death of Money by Jim Rickards be Purchased?

Elm-Street-Books-LogoIf you would really like a copy of this book, autographed by Mr. Rickards, and don’t want to wait for the sweepstakes to end, you can purchase a copy at Elm Street Books in New Canaan, CT (while supplies last).
Amazon-Logo The Death of Money will also be available on on April 8th, 2014. The link here will take you to Amazon’s author page.

For a comprehensive review, visit, which looks at both The Death of Money and Currency Wars. The differences between both books are discussed and there are several thoughtful comments to work through. A sample:

“Ultimately, however, Rickards argues that if his predictions come true (and in his opinion it is only a matter of time), the collapse of the dollar would lead to a reset in the world’s monetary system whereby gold would regain its historic role as the standard unit of value. What happens after the end of fiat money would then depend on how each country is positioned in terms of its gold reserves.”

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