Charts on PMBull

This is a list of real time charts on PMBull. Select a Commodity or Forex Currency Pair to view streaming charts in multiple time frames. Charts displayed on PMBull are subject to change from time-to-time depending on the quality and availability of 3rd part chart suppliers. Check back for new additions and features.

Gold and Silver Charts

 • Gold Spot Price
 • Silver Spot Price
 • Kitco Gold Chart
 • Kitco Silver Chart

Crypto Currencies

 • Bitcoin (BTC / USD)
 • Ether (ETH / USD)
 • Nav Coin (NAV / USD)
 • Omisego (OMG / USD)

More Gold & Silver

 • Where to Buy Gold
 • Where to Buy Silver
 • Gold & Silver News

Forex Charts


Exchange Traded Funds

 • Gold ETFs
 • Silver ETFs
 • Oil ETFs

Crude Oil Charts

 • Light Sweet Crude
 • Brent Crude

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