Silver Bears Part 5: Black Swans & Silver: Xtranormal Bears

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The Xtranormal Bears entertain and educate us again with a discussion of silver markets and black swans. Since the last bear post, silver has rocketed. Can there be a be any better way to break down why silver has risen for friends and family than the funny cartoon bears? This is a 5th installment, and perhaps the one most likely to grab the attention of normal market investors, given the list of black swan events that have been headlining the nightly news.

Is silver finished soon? Probably not, and many are quite convicted in their buy and hold strategy. Nevertheless, it can be scary to buy the precious metal here. If worried and holding – perhaps that is the key to understanding what you should be doing. Remember what type of wall markets tend to climb – should silver be any different?

Part 5 of the Silver Bears series is no longer online.

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