The 10 Ounce Silver Bars Advantage: Price

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Picture of Sunshine Mint 10 Ounce Silver BarPMBull has found 10 ounce silver bars to be a favorite amongst its visitors. Silver buyers appreciate the 10-ounce bar format available at most dealers because they offer convenience, beauty and good value, putting these bars at the top of the list in bullion buyer reviews.

Stackers choose 10 ounce bars because they are produced by virtually all of the high quality, trusted mints. They look good and feel good in your hands and are exceptionally convenient to store. Since they are packaged in clear, protective plastic at the mints from where they are produced, they remain beautiful and maintain a nice, shiny luster.

You can find good dealers for 10 Oz. bars with tips on buying silver bullion in PMBull’s guide to buying silver bullion online. In the guide, we review the best types of silver for new investors, discuss how to calculate premium over spot price and look at several silver rounds, bars and coins from top online silver dealers.

10 Ounce Bar Size and Storage

10 ounce silver bars vary in size from mint to mint. Generally, three 10 oz. silver bars are similar in size to a deck of playing cards (but of course will be much heavier). They fit neatly together, even when retained in their mint plastic. Four 10 oz. bars, when stored properly, can take up less space and may be easier to stack than two mint tubes of Silver Eagles or 40 random 1 ounce silver bars.

Johnson Matthey bars are known to be of exceptional quality, are IRA approved and include serial numbers. While no longer in production, Johnson Matthey new and secondary market bars can be found at the dealer linked above. These bars command a premium due to the iconic status of Johnson Matthey as a retail precious metals refiner during their great run.

It should be noted that the convenience of 10 ounce bars is a major factor in choosing them over 1 ounce rounds or coins, but if you plan to maintain less than 100 ounces of silver, you may still be better off with 1 ounce bars, rounds or coins. You cannot liquidate the larger bars a few slivers at a time. 10 ounce bars are best for stackers accumulating larger quantities of silver. Even those who buy them are likely to have other types of silver like coins and rounds, so don’t let this guide convince you that 10 ounce bars are your only option.

10 Ounce Bar Cost and Appearance

Picture of Year of the Horse 10 Ounce Silver BarMost ten ounce silver bars feature a brilliant, glossy finish, with the producing mint’s name, weight and purity stamped on them. With 10 full ounces of silver in each bar, they have a “substantial” feel and are nice to hold. They generally feature mint logos on the front or back, but some attractive specialty designs can be found, like the Chinese Zodiac themed Year of Rooster silver bars. Sunshine Mint silver bars feature their familiar logo, but also include a special seal that can only be viewed with a special decoder lens, providing added security.

Most silver bars in the 10 oz format feature what many raw silver bullion buyers are truly looking for – a great price. One of the reasons they are truly attractive is that they frequently provide the best possible value. You simply get more silver for your dollar. 10 ounce silver bars for the retail silver buyer are an easy way to get the lowest possible price per ounce (the smallest premium) and they are frequently priced better than 100 oz or 1-kilo sized bars. Generally, you can find these bars for well under $1.00 premium over spot. Right now, top dealers are offering quality bars for as low as $0.79 over spot in any quantity.

Premium 10 Ounce Silver Bars from The Royal Canadian Mint

Image of RCM 10 Oz Silver Bar Obverse10 ounce silver bars from the Royal Canadian Mint may be especially attractive to those seeking government-backed silver with added security and anti-counterfeit features. Like Canadian Maple Leaf coins, RCM bars are comprised of .9999 pure silver versus standard .999 purity found on most silver bullion products.

RCM 10-Oz silver bars are individually serial numbered, have reeded edges like coins, feature a unique RCM silver bullion finish and arrive individually packaged. They are available at top online silver bullion dealers.

These newer release bars introduce a whole new level of excitement to the 10 oz bar category. The slightly higher premium attached to them is justified, given the attractive features, added security and the confidence they will provide buyers in the secondary silver market. We hope private mints will follow in an effort to be even more competitive in their silver bullion offerings.

Good Dealers for 10 Ounce Bars

The Sunshine Minting silver bar pictured at the top of this page has security features in the form of a special seal that can only be viewed with a lens supplied by Sunshine Minting. If looking for 10 ounce bars or other silver bullion prices, see: Silver Bullion: Where to Buy Silver at the Best Price.