The 10 Ounce Silver Bars Advantage: Price

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Picture of Sunshine Mint 10 Ounce Silver BarPMBull has found 10 ounce silver bars to be a favorite amongst its visitors. Silver buyers appreciate the 10-ounce bar format available at most dealers because they offer convenience, beauty and good value, putting these bars at the top of the list in bullion buyer reviews.

Stackers choose 10 ounce bars because they are produced by virtually all of the high quality, trusted mints. They look good and feel good in your hands and are exceptionally convenient to store. Since they are packaged in clear, protective plastic at the mints from where they are produced, they remain beautiful and maintain a nice, shiny luster.

You can find good dealers for 10 Oz. bars with tips on buying silver bullion in PMBull’s guide to buying silver bullion online. In the guide, we review the best types of silver for new investors, discuss how to calculate premium over spot price and look at several silver rounds, bars and coins from top online silver dealers.

Image of RCM 10 Oz Silver Bar Obverse

New Premium 10 Ounce Silver Bars from The Royal Canadian Mint

October 09, 2014 Update – These new 10 ounce silver bars from the Royal Canadian Mint may be especially attractive to those seeking government-backed silver with added security and anti-counterfeit features. Like Canadian Maple Leaf coins, RCM bars are comprised of .9999 pure silver versus standard .999 purity found on most silver bullion products.

Available with free shipping, or for just $1.25 over spot, RCM 10-Oz silver bars are individually serial numbered, have reeded edges like coins, feature a unique RCM silver bullion finish and arrive individually packaged. RCM 10 Ounce Bars are available at two top online silver bullion dealers.

  • Standard or Low Serial Number Bars, Tiered Volume Pricing, Free Shipping:   Visit Dealer

These new bars from the Royal Canadian Mint introduce a whole new level of excitement to the 10 Oz bar category. The slightly higher premium attached to them is certainly justified, given the attractive features, added security and the confidence they will provide potential buyers in the secondary market. We hope private mints will follow in an effort to be even more competitive in their silver bullion offerings.

10 Ounce Silver Bar Size and Storage

Picture of Year of the Horse 10 Ounce Silver BarSizes vary a bit from mint to mint. Generally though, three 10 oz. silver bars are equivalent in size to a deck of playing cards. They fit neatly together, even when retained in their mint plastic. Four 10 oz. bars take up less space and are easier to stack than two mint tubes of Silver Eagles, or 40 random 1 ounce bars.

The convenience of 10 ounce bars is a major factor, but if you plan to maintain less than 100 ounces of silver, you may still be better off with 1 ounce bars, rounds or coins. You cannot liquidate the larger version a few slivers at a time. 10 Ounce bars are best for stackers accumulating larger quantities of silver. Even those who buy them are likely to have other types of silver, so don’t let this guide convince you that they are your only option. Continue Reading …

Popular Low Cost Silver Rounds: Two Good Options

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We’ve added additional silver round pages to our silver bullion guide, where you can find the best prices on a variety of silver bullion coins, rounds and bars. We’ve included the videos for these rounds below, but encourage you to click-through to the full review pages for more information on them.

OPM Silver Rounds: More Bullion Per Buck!

The next video features OPM Silver Rounds, which are a great choice for those seeking the lowest cost option, but do not wish to sacrifice quality. OPM is the largest precious metals refiner in the U.S. and produces a wide variety of gold and silver bullion.

September 19, 2014 Update –
These OPM silver rounds are currently available for as low as $0.65 over spot at a top dealer. They’ve been incredibly popular due to the quality of the mint that produces them, and the unbeatable price. – See The Dealer Page Here

Get more information on OPM Silver Rounds, including buying tips, best price dealers and reviews, on the OPM Silver Rounds page.

Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds: Security in a Seal!

This video shows off the high quality Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds, which feature anti-counterfeiting technology. Sunshine is one of the most respected and well recognized mints in the world, producing some of the highest quality silver rounds on the market. The amazing thing is that these rounds, brand new and complete with the anti-counterfeit seal, are still priced lower than many generic rounds selling in the secondary market or on auction sites.

September 19, 2014 Update –
These Sunshine Minting rounds are available at a top online silver dealer for as low as $0.89 over spot. This dealer offers free shipping on all orders, which is a nice incentive, espcially for low volume purchases. – See The Dealer Page Here

For buying tips, best price dealers and reviews, see the Sunshine Minting Silver Rounds page.

The Death of Money by Jim Rickards – Giveaway

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thedeathofmoneyIn his newest book, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, Jim Rickards tells us that “only nations and individuals who make provision today will survive the maelstrom to come.”

In his best selling prior release, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, Rickards details a full-blown currency crisis that occurs inside war games held by the Defense Department, where his team won. Rickards was playing the part of China. In that book, Rickards argues that the collapse of the U.S. Dollar is greater than any other economic threat and that a crisis is inevitable.

Rickards continues where he left off with The Death of Money. In this newest book, Rickards prepares readers by encouraging the conversion of fiat currency into real, tangible assets that can better serve as stores of value. These assets include gold, land and even fine art. Continue Reading …

There Is No Gold Shortage: New Source Discovered (Joke)

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Somali Gold LetterWe are finding it necessary to clearly disclose that this post is a joke. The email we reference appears to be nothing more than a different version of the Nigerian Scam. Many other websites certainly received this email, and it should not be taken seriously. Really, did we have to post this disclaimer? Yes, sadly, we did.

PMBull received an email this morning (below) that puts to rest the idea that a gold shortage has been developing. Nevermind repeated instances of Negative GOFO, or significant withdrawals from the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) by authorized participants, or the record imports of gold into China through Hong Kong. The email we received proves that there is plenty of gold available and that gold producing countries are in fact having difficulty finding buyers. So much difficulty that they are offering to provide samples of kilogram bars at what we presume to be “deeply discounted” prices.

Many die-hard gold buyers have also recently come to the conclusion that there is no shortage. After all, there must be a lot of gold to sell, given the quantity that has been dumped on the market to suppress prices, right? The debate in recent days has turned to where the gold being sold is actually coming from, and there are theories about that floating around out there. Continue Reading …

Gold Shortage Developing Again?

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Where is all the gold in the gold ETF SPDR Gold Trust (Symbol GLD) going, and why? Could we be looking at a developing gold shortage again?

Year to date, actual physical gold inventory in the GLD is down over 30%. Gold inventory in Sprott’s Physical Gold Trust (PHYS) is down only 1.3%. Further, silver inventory in the Silver ETF (SLV) is actually up 3%.

Hmmm… There is certainly a correlation between gold and silver prices. There is certainly a correlation between Spot Gold Prices and GLD’s price per share. And of course there is a correlation between the price per share of GLD and Sprott’s physical fund. This is expected.

Yet, there is no correlation between the actual inventory levels in these funds. Which leads us back to our opening question. Where is all the Gold in the gold ETF SPDR Gold Trust (Symbol GLD) going, and why?

Many don’t understand the relationship between the GLD, the bullion banks and COMEX, where gold futures are traded and spot gold prices are at least partially derived. Mr. Furguson over at TF Metals Report does.

In his latest public missive, Mr. Furguson puts together a variety of data to draw (prove?) a pointed conclusion about the status of physical gold supply:

“The GLD is being consistently and regularly pillaged by the bullion banks as they desperately search for gold to settle their obligations.”

  -Turd Furguson, TF Metals Report

You see, the GLD has something called “authorized participants” which are essentially the bullion banks (JPM, HSBC, etc.). These banks have frequently sold paper gold futures on COMEX. If the buyers of these Gold Futures demand delivery of actual physical metal in future settlement months, the banks have to come up with real, physical gold to meet those delivery demands. Continue Reading …